We’ve recently worked with Hawk Heating upgrades to design and produce two different NCR pads solutions for invoicing and customer service certificates.

NCR pads or NCR sets are essential for all customer-facing businesses requiring invoices, orders, delivery notes etc. From small businesses looking for a simple duplicate/triplicate option to a larger business wanting a potential back-up to its digital solutions.

NCR stands for no carbon required so there is no sheet of carbon copy paper between each page, making it much easier to use and perfect for completing your paperwork on the go. Simply complete the top sheet and you’ll have two, three or even four copies ready to go.

NCR pads hold fifty sets per pad with a front cover sheet and a cardboard backing. Pads and sets can be produced in a number of varied sizes to suit your unique business needs and can also be numbered and pre-drilled ready for filing.

Give Michael or Paul a call today for a free quote and to discuss what we can design and print for you.